Alfaron Lyo.

The Solution of Interferon 
Human recombinant α-2b Interferon has a wide spectrum of anti-virus, anti-tumor and immunomodulating effects. It is the doctors' first choice for treating chronic virus hepatitis and leucocythemia; it's also widely used in the treatment of other virus infection or tumorous diseases.

Alfaron is the second-generation recombinant interferon. By utilizing the novel genetic Pseudomonas putida expression system, it presents prefect natural human α-Interferon molecule configuration, and the product with special biotechnological activity of 3-4*10 8 IU/mg, Purity of over 99.5%.The essential quality specifications take lead among the counterparts in the world. It is the only interferon products, in the whole producing process, that no ingredient is abstracted from animal or human blood, and absolutely avoids the latent danger of blood contamination or the infection of hepatitis virus, AIDS virus etc, and being the unique interferon product that is quarantine-free of animal IgG and HBsAg. The occurrence of Allerge, fever and other side effects is markedly lower than any other interferon products .

About Alfaron————Recombinant Human Interferon α-2b Injection
Being the first pre-filled interferon in the world, the second-generation Recombinant α-2b interferon liquid injection developed and produced by Hualida Biotech, Alfaron liquid formulation has solved the technical problem that the protein is unstable in water solution. Alfaron liquid formulation has self-owned IPR since it had fulfilled applications of patent protection in more than 10 countries.

Alfaron succeeds all the advantages of lyophilized Alferon product, and beyond that, it contains no preservative in the preparation. The solution is very close to the natural physiological environment of human body, and has little irritation to the injection position.

What's more, it takes the initiatives of using the package of pre-filled syringe, preventing from any possible infection caused by dangerous syringe or injection solution, and more credibility in using, which makes it convenient for the patients to perform self-injecting their home or during journey.

Alfaron liquid formulation of interferon takes the advantages of being much safe, more effective, more convenient and more economical.