Tianjin Sinobioway, established in 1992, is a leading enterprise in the industrialization of recombinant products in China. The shareholders are Beijing Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. (Sinobioway) and Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.. During 20 years development, Tianjin Sinobioway became the high and new tech enterprise with powerful biotechnology medicine downstream development and industrialization transformation. Tianjin Sinobioway also has the ability to research, develop and manufacture the API and finished products of anti-cancer product.  
Tianjin Sinobioway is located in the new economic growth pole of China- Tianjin Binhai new developed area which is also called Technology Economic Developing Area (TEDA). The biopark is 76,000㎡and the building area is 18,000㎡. Tianjin Sinobioway owns excellent equipped R&D, QC, post-doctor station and the international top-ranking production facility for injection, external finished products and synthetic drugs. Tianjin Sinobioway is a manufacturing-based enterprise which complies with international cGMP standard involved in industrialization development of bioengineering products and chemical anti-cancer products. 
The main production of Tianjin Sinobioway is Alfaron which is the second-generation Recombinant α-2b interferon. There are 3 forms of IFN which are: PFS, lyo and spray. The key quality index could meet the Europe pharmacopeia, the production technique level and quality level could meet the international level. Alfaron has a wide spectrum of anti-virus, anti-tumor and immunomodulating effects. It is the doctors' first choice for treating chronic virus hepatitis and leucocythemia; it's also widely used in the treatment of other virus infection or tumorous diseases. It has the characters of high purity, activity, stable curative effect, low adverse reaction and stable quality. In the whole producing process, that no ingredient is abstracted from animal or human blood, and absolutely avoids the latent danger of virus contamination. The marketing of Alfaron is distributed across of China and also sales to Europe, Asia etc. for almost 10 countries. It has the honor of Tianjin famous brand products in successive 6 years and has also been the famous brand in the bio-medicine field.